Join us, share your travel stories and travel free with us


Do you have just a little experience as travel writer?

Do you have a beautiful travel experience or story?

Would like to share your memories with more people?

Is it a good feeling for you to show the world for the people who don’t have a chance to travel a lot or maybe never? 

Then this is the best place for you. It doesn’t matter how you can write. You don’t have to have such an ability like a professional author. Just write. Just write if you would tell a story your friends. If you already have more experiences you can write more professional articles as well. It can be a good example for the other bloggers.

Within the frame of this project I would like to invite you to join our community and write an article about your beautiful, unforgettable travel moments, about tips, foods. It doesn’t matter which country, city, place, food you want to show us. Feel free because we don’t know what kind of aspects the other people have.

1. You can write about:

  • Travel experience, stories
  • Tips, useful informations, secrets (best sights in Kolkata, How to…)
  • Foods, recipes
  • Travel guides 

2. How you should write your articles?

  • Don’t link an article (reblog)
  • It must be included at least one high quality photo (because we love quality)
  • The title must include the name of the place, city, country (easier to organize)
  • Try to write details, useful informations for other travelers

2. How you can join us and write an article?

  • You can leave your WordPress account name, email address and blog as a comment 
  • You will get an invitation to join to me as contributor
  • You can start to write on our travel site your own article

3. Other benefits?

  • We will take you to unexplored places we travel
  • People will find your own blog faster
  • You will get bigger audience
  • More likes
  • More views
  • More comments

But don’t forget what the focus is. Beautiful stories, moments, experiences, impressions, photos and videos for the people who can’t have a chance to see the these places.

Let’s work together!




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