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Kolakham : The Valley of clouds (Part-I)

I was humming to one of my favorite songs” Raindrops keep falling on my head…….”It was raining outside.you can see the pouring rain outside.Somehow I was not worried and was in no hurry to reach anywhere.The journey itself is a destination for me.As the curvy roads took me further up into the valley of clouds I was becoming more and more relaxed.They say one should explore the hills in monsoon when true colors come alive.


I believed it and set my ships to sail through the roads.Regardless the countless time I have been to the hills it still hypnotizes me to come see it at least once a year.Meanwhile one of my friends read about a place named ‘Kolakham’ in a magazine.And so we packed our bags for the valley of clouds.We took our ride from new Mal Junction. A jubilant Zakir Da, waiting, whom we were going to tease and have fun all through our journey.For the next few hours, we were going to be breathless by the sharp turns and the beauty of the monsoon hills.Wide open valley and a glimpse of what lying ahead just started to follow. Out of the rain-drenched car window, there was plenty to soak up The everyday life of the villagers.One can understand the hard labor they put in. so dedicated to life which is by no means come easily to them.I was deep into thoughts when suddenly our car hit a hard break.last night’s heavy rain washed out some parts of the road so only one car could pass at a time, it was just the right chance to capture the mesmerizing pieces of nature.


We were spellbound to see what was presented to us, in between the clouds there was the river bet of Teesta sneak peaking.we could see the harsh done by the rain last night.chunks of rock hither and yon making it difficult to carve a way through.Chill in the air and the view from the window has its effects.one can see the pleasure in the posture.Intense green trees standing tall and big.Not familiar sights for us I guess.I find it hard to explain how soothing they were.It will imbibe every low in you, and will fill you with creativity and oxygen as well.statuary warning Leeches everywhere please do have tons of salt with you.It could drop from the trees above, one’s  will and one or two over ones will eventually try to get in to your car.But don’t be scared, be prepared


One thing is that even if you are blindfolded and unable to see all the heavenly green around you.you can still feel the drenched trees,the clouds and the waterfalls by its smell only.


I kept staring at the excellent artwork done by the mother nature.and there we can see our stay the “Silent valley’ perfect match and true to its name.A place to be when you need a desperate escape from the world.Pack your bag and check in. They will always welcome you with a realistic smile.However, rain was there too with it’s pouring presence.I searched for the signs of rain and my yearning eyes got something…. (part -ii follows )


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