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Tiretti Bazar – feed you soul this time

Every day we see a new lane and there has to be a new story . Living in the city of joy all your life can you be sure that you have seen all of it? Experienced each and every part of the joy that this city offers?

Izifiso is making an attempt at knowing the city in a whole new different way through the project “Know Your City” . What makes this city trail unique and one of it’s own kind is the fact that it is not just about the location and it’s speciality, but the ordinary people who make these places extraordinary. One such Place is Chinese food market Tiretti Bazar located at the heart of Kolkata.

What we all already know is that we get mouth watering authentic Chinese home-made food early in the morning before the busy street market takes over for the day. The sellers are Chinese migrants who can speak Mandarin, Hindi, Bengali and very good English. Tiretti Bazar has been there to tantalize our taste buds since the time when Calcutta was the capital of British India. What is left to be known are the stories which are still unheard and unexplored.

chinese food seller

The very essence of Kolkata being the city of joy cannot be limited to beautiful places and locations but the people who give life to these places.With this thought in mind we have organised a Tiretti Bazar trail to know beyond the authentic Chinese food and explore the unseen side of this early morning Chinese food market. Join us to know the unknown. Join us to Know Your City.

  • Details of the trail: Food trail
  • Date : 25th March at 7 A.M.
  • Meeting location: Tea board of India (click for directions)

Click here if you want to join our team for this trail for free.


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