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Kolakham: The Valley of clouds (Part-II)

The lust of rain drops can be seen everywhere the trick was to pick the right moment, and there she was conjuring blue with rain crystals all over, making love with nature.


Now it’s time for some indoors.the exhaustion, a malfunctioning road has its outcomes.And to our delight rooms were simply simple and elegant.Just a piece of advice doesn’t let your window open all the time you might get paralyzed by the view from it.

DSC02638 (3)

I stood still there and was trying to catch some clouds which were coming through the window.I licked it, pure taste of pleasure.”Lunch is served Sir” a young Nepali boy’s voice reminded me of a basic need, that is food.We were hungry big time.So we jumped in.just outside our cottage, there stood a small hut, the boy showed us the way.It looked delicious .steam coming out of the rice bowl,musur daal,papad,achar,data chochhori and double egg typical bengali dishes.so we were not so far away from home eh!! and again that capacitative view from the large window just beside the dining table, made our lunch even tastier.Taste buds reacted sweetly as we finished our mealIts time for a power nap.We entered our respective rooms.I quickly opened the window and leaned back in the bed facing the window.Mother nature was busy with her brushes and colors.

DSC02602 (2)

I can see the painting coming alive.like a lover so deeply into love a white smoke screen all over into her loved one.I was right there witnessing their ardent lovemaking. Shreyan’s voice woke me up, he was literally excited to see that our room was occupied by clouds, I kept the window open.our bed was a little wet by its grace.There was a shop just down below our cottage.A general store, perhaps the only one in the vicinity.


Kids were busy studying out in the open.Their toothless smiles were magnetic.they looked in perfect harmony with nature.I cloud not wait to capture their profound glee, and their eyes lit up as I clicked some snaps.The World can never be a better place without such innocent smiles.


The sky turned scarlet red as we turned back for our cottage.Even the rain was tired I guess that is why it stopped pouring down.We greeted the evening with red-hot tea and some titbits.And the party was about to begin.Ten young guns blazing hard on hills.We were singing, dancing and expressing ourselves in whatever way is known to us.Soon we were asked to calm down with the pre-Durga Puja celebrations.After dinner, I opened the window of my room again.I was thinking about those mountains.They never need to blink an eye, they enjoy their stupor underneath the starry sky.Always prompting each other may be inadvertent.These are indeed the true trailblazers.(Final part follows)


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