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Kolakham: The Valley of clouds (Part-III)

Next morning came almost immediately. Tsange falls was calling.Famous falls in the locality.We set out to conquer that.With the weather so unpredictable and whimsical and with the leeches conspiring against us, the journey to the Tsange falls was never going to be easy.We would strive and a long struggle through the uneven and sometimes almost no way out. But somehow we managed to overcome all these, and the utmost pleasure of being there was unbearable.


behold the nature’s fury, behold the sound music it crafted.Time stood still there the only water was flowing.it was truly amazing to see how water current cut through with brute force into stone walls.It made its way all the way down deep in the valley and eventually turned into a timid river.The Highest form of art I would say.I cloud not bring out my camera because of the tiny droplets in the air, created by the rampaging water falling on the rocks from almost 30 feet above.It fabricated a smoke screen.Which is harmful to camera lenses.So we switched to smartphone mode.you know these days you are never out of options.After conquering Tsange falls we called it a day and started for the resort while plunging water drumming in rhythm in the background.It started to rain again.


So, what was so special about the Tsange falls and this tour? is it the immense beauty of it? or is it the curious journey, the narrow pathway?the rain? or the ever changing weather?


My answer would be it’s the togetherness.Ten people meeting for the very first time hardly can remember each others name can become great friends.All it requires a journey like this.The hills, the rain-drenched trees, ten young hearts left a mark for the years to come.I vowed to be back soon.From Kolakham with love.


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